Monday, May 07, 2007

#27 - Dead Ball by Matt Forbeck

This is the 2nd book in Matt Forbeck's trilogy of Blood Bowl mayhem! :) (#21 on this blog is a review of the first book.)

Blood Bowl is a fantasy game based on football. You pick a team, buy metal miniatures, paint them in your team colors, and play against anyone who dares challenge you! Teams range from hard hitting Orcs to less brawny elves who run like the wind. I have a Norse team (the miniatures are Nuns....some with boxing gloves, one with a baseball bat, etc.....I was raised Catholic so the humor was too much for me to resist.)The game has interesting fans who enjoy hurting players, cheating, bribing the refs, dead players, and sometimes even footballs with spikes.

The book series is a spin off of the game -- and I was surprised at how much I've enjoyed reading this series so far!

If you're a football fan, you would enjoy these books just because of the football references, jokes and puns. Some player names are puns on real ball players, announcers, etc. It's a fun read! And those who actually play miniature games, or even Warhammer 40K, would enjoy this series. :)

The next book is "Death Match'' -- I'm looking forward to reading it! And Matt Forbeck will be publishing a 4th Blood Bowl book set for publication in late December 2007. The title is "Rumble in the Jungle.''

50 Book Challenge 2007: 7/50


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