Saturday, January 27, 2007

#21 - Bloodbowl by Matt Forbeck

This book caught me by surprise. It's based on a fantasy football game that my husband and son love to play. Despite the fact that I love watching American Football and even play Bloodbowl on occasion, I really didn't think I would like this book.
But....I loved it!!
Bloodbowl (the game) is a miniatures game where fantasy football teams square off and play a no-holds-barred game. Teams are comprised of all sorts of fantasy characters -- ogres, halflings, elves, dwarves, Amazons, Norse, vampires, giant rats, and even human teams. The name Bloodbowl is very fitting as players can be killed and maimed by other players, or even by the crowd watching the game.
The book "Bloodbowl'' by Matt Forbeck brings the experiences of a Bloodbowl rookie player to life. The main character, Dunk, doesn't know what he's getting into when a halfling agent signs him to a contact to play Bloodbowl. Dunk only knows he's a failure at dragon why not try Bloodbowl?? The book follows him through his training, and through his first season as a relief thrower for the Bad Bay Hackers.
The book has a lot of football humor in it, and a lot of great puns and wordplay (like a player whose name is Schlitz "Malty'' Likker). It's just an enjoyable romp of a read!
If you're a football fan and like to read fantasy books, then you would definitely enjoy this book!
Forbeck has written 3 books about Bloodbowl. "Bloodbowl'' is the first in the series. "Dead Ball and Death Match'' are the other two novels. I have been told that a fourth book will be coming out soon. Not sure of the title or the publication date, but I do know that I will be reading it! :)
2007 50 Book Challenge: #2


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