Saturday, January 27, 2007

#20 - Something from the Nightside by Simon R. Green

This book reminded me a lot of the 1970's Kolchak television show, with a bit more horror sprinkled on top.
The main character is a detective with a dark side. He's a man who frequents the supernatural dark underbelly of London...The Nightside. A place where you can see things and have experiences that are impossible anywhere else. The only place where it's normal to see Victorian ladies and space aliens on the subway. The only place where timeslips and magical powers are run of the mill.
The book reads like an old detective novel...the chatty narative style, with bits of dry humor here and there. Here's an example:
"Private Eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and none of them look like television stars. Some do insurance work, some hang around cheap hotels with cam hoping to get evidence for divorce cases, and damn few ever get to investigate complicated murder mysteries. Some chase things that don't exist, or shouldn't. Me, I find things. Sometimes I'd rather not find them, but that comes with the territory. "
It was a great read! I really enjoyed this book. It was horror without a lot of over-done violence. More psychological than slasher. Just the way I like my horror/fantasy. :)
I'm already looking forward to reading the second book in Green's Nightside series "Agents of Light and Darkness.''
2007 50 Book Challenge Count: #1


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This sounds really interesting, Juli! But my library doesn't have it. poop. maybe i can get it used somewhere.

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