Tuesday, March 06, 2007

#26 - Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

"Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder'' is the first Hannah Swenson murder mystery by Joanne Fluke.
I was first drawn to this book by the title. Chocolate Chip Cookies......and murder?? It was a must read for me from the beginning.
This book surprised me. Fluke's writing flows well, and she infuses a great sense of humor into her main character. Hannah Swenson is a down-to-earth character and very likeable. She owns a bakery shop called The Cookie Jar, selling fresh-baked cookies and catering special events.
Chocolate and murder are mixed in this first book of the series when someone decides to kill the local milk man -- while he's eating cookies in his truck, no less! Who kills someone when they're eating chocolate! It's a travesty! :) Swenson's brother in law is with the local police department, so, of course, the cookie baking heroine is drawn into the investigation.
But......Joanne Fluke makes this unlikely plot line work. It's entertaining, and a refreshing read. Nothing intellectual, and the mystery is pretty formula really......but isn't that what reading a cozy mystery is all about?? Where it took me two weeks to plod through "Death By Darjeeling'' by Laura Childs, I crunched through this cookie in 2 days. :)
Not only did I enjoy the book, but there are several yummy recipes scattered throughout the book. Most cozy mysteries have some sort of pull like that --- recipes, craft patterns, tips on tea, cooking, home repairs, etc. And.....most of those "Extras'' are (dare I say it??).....lame. Easy patterns for garter stitch dishcloths, recipes for deviled eggs (who can't make deviled eggs?) and less-than-useful stuff like that. But.....the recipes in this book are for yummy things like chocolate chip crunchy cookies, sugar cookies, and other delectable delights. I'm definitely going to use the recipes. Every cookie recipe that the main character uses during the course of the book is included. I thought that was really a neat touch! :)
This book is just a very cozy, comfort-foody, sweet cozy mystery. :) A great book to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a cat in your lap and just read for fun. :) I've already started reading the next book in this series! :)
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50 Book Challenge 2007: 6/50


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