Wednesday, August 30, 2006

#8 - Tamsin by Peter Beagle

"Tamsin'' was originally a story-idea pitched to Disney for a movie. The movie never happened, so Peter Beagle wrote a novel instead. I'm glad he did -- this book is excellent! Some stories are just fun to read, and this book belongs in that category.

13-year old Jenny Gluckstein moves from New York to England. She is unhappy about her mother re-marrying. She's unhappy about the move. She's just unhappy about everything and everyone. But teen angst turns to intrigue when she discovers that the farm they live on is haunted.

What led me to buy this book was the cover art -- it really caught my eye in the store. Then I read the back cover. Who can resist a good haunting? I'm glad I bought the book on was an excellent read.

Other books by Peter Beagle include:
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A Fine and Private Place
The Folk of the Air
The Innkeeper's Song
The Unicorn Sonata


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That sorta tells you how important the cover art of a book is!

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