Saturday, August 26, 2006

#7 - Sour Puss by Rita Mae Brown

I have read all of the Mrs. Murphy mysteries by Rita Mae Brown. In fact, most of the books in this series are "keepers'' that will be staying on my bookshelf.

But......I was very disappointed in this book. It just wasn't enjoyable to read.

The light-hearted innocence and fun in prior books of this series was absent in this latest book.

Mary Minor "Harry'' Harristeen is still the main character who sleuths and has adventures with her pet cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter, and corgi dog Tucker. But this time Brown just interjected too much information that had nothing to do with the mystery plot of the book. Brown seemed to be using the book to voice her political and cultural opinions and interests, and it detracted from the story.

Although it is interesting that Harry is going to start a vinyard on her farm, several chapters delved more into the realm of how to grow grapes and what farming practices to use, rather than furthering the mystery plot. And I realize that Brown is an outspoken proponent of gay and lesbian rights, and is herself a lesbian. But, the sub-plot about two main characters dealing with the possibility of beginning a gay relationship seemed forced, and just didn't interest me.

The light-hearted coziness of this series that I liked so much just isn't in this book. I didn't like it at all. And I've read several other reviews of die-hard Mrs. Murphy fans that have said basically the same thing.

I will happily take this book back to the library.


Blogger Jana B said...

I have a movie made based on this series... it's called "Murder She Purred" and it's really neat.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Juli said...

I totally agree!! I love that movie! I wish they had made more than one. :)

12:23 PM  

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