Saturday, August 19, 2006

#2 - Cat on a Winning Streak by Lydia Adamson

This book is part of a 21-book series by Lydia Adamson. "A Cat on a Winning Streak'' is the 10th book in the series. Usually, I like to read a series starting from the beginning, but I found this book at the thriftshop and couldn't pass it up!

The main character in the series is Alice Nestleton, a part-time actress and pet sitter. She has two cats of her own, and in this book she gets a visit from a mystery cat. :)

The plot of "Winning Streak'' centers around a murder at an Atlantic City hotel, and the discovery of a very pretty white and black cat that just might be a key to solving the crime.

I enjoyed Adamson's writing style, and the story was entertaining. She doesn't get too bogged down in background details as some authors do....the story line flowed smoothly with just enough back-story on Atlantic City and casinos to make it interesting. It's a short book -- about 220 pages -- so it's perfect for an evening of light reading, curled up with a nice cup of tea. :)

Here's a list of the books in the series:

A Cat in the Manger (1990)
A Cat of a Different Color (1991)
A Cat in Wolf's Clothing (1991)
A Cat in the Wings (1992)
A Cat by Any Other Name (1992)
A Cat with a Fiddle (1993)
A Cat in a Glass House (1993)
A Cat with No Regrets (1994)
A Cat on the Cutting Edge (1994)
A Cat on a Winning Streak (1995)
A Cat in Fine Style (1995)
A Cat in a Chorus Line (1996)
A Cat Under the Mistletoe (1996)
A Cat on a Beach Blanket (1997)
A Cat on Jingle Bell Rock (1997)
A Cat on Stage Left (1998)
A Cat of One's Own (1999)
A Cat with the Blues (2000)
A Cat with No Clue (2001)
A Cat Named Brat (2002)
A Cat on the Bus (2002)



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I'm with you on too many details. I also don't like too many characters with too many names to remember. Mary Higgins Clark tends to do that one.

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