Friday, December 01, 2006

#17 - Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts

Blue Dahlia is the first book in Nora Roberts "In the Garden'' Trilogy.

I first heard about Nora Roberts' books on Many members posted messages with favorable reviews of her suspense/romance flavored writing. After reading the hefty tome that is "The Historian,'' I decided I wanted to enjoy a simple, fast read. So, I thought I'd give this series a chance. I'm not normally a romance novel reader at all. But I do enjoy a good ghost story!

The main character, Stella, loses her husband and starts her life over again in a new city. She takes a job managing a small plant nursery called In the Garden. The estate where she lives with her employer and friend, Roz, is haunted. Add in sexy Logan -- the landscaper and you have a nice simple mix of 1 part suspense, 2 parts romantic tension.

This book was a nice, fast read. Nothing complicated. Nothing depressing. It was a book to curl up with while sipping hot tea and relaxing.

There are 3 main female characters in this series. Stella is the main focus of the first book. Roz gets book 2, and Hayley is featured in book 3.

Definitely formula romance, and nothing new here....but it's an enjoyable read all the same.


Blogger Lucy said...

I got all three in the series but haven't started them...thanks for the review. So many little time!

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