Thursday, September 27, 2007

#58 - Nightingale's Lament by Simon Green

Nightingale's Lament is the 3rd book in the Nightside series by Simon Green. The first two books are reviewed on this blog. :) I really like this series! It mixes together mystery, sci-fi, horror and humor. Fans of the Dresden books, or the old Nightstalker television show, would love this book series!

In this book, John Taylor is investigating a singer known as the Nightingale. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, but it causes those around her to commit suicide. The story line was faced paced and interesting. Definitely a good read!

So far there are 8 books in this series: Something from the Nightside, Agents of Light and Darkness, Nightingale's Lament, Hex and the City, Paths not Taken, Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth, Hell to Pay, and The One and Only Unnatural Inquirer.

50 Book Challenge 2007: 38/50


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