Thursday, August 30, 2007

#52 - Swords for Hire by Will Allen

The full title of this book is "Swords for Hire: Two of the Most Unlikely Heroes You Will Ever Meet.'' The book was written in 1978 by Will Allen who gave copies of the story to his family for Christmas that year. Early the next year, he died of cancer.

The book was published in the 80's, and the edition I read had a nice forward by Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson). Cartwright went to college with Will Allen.

The story line is simple.....King Olive has been wrongfully imprisoned by his evil brother Boonder. The two heroes, Sam Hatcher and Rigby Skeet, must come to the aid of their king in order to save the Kingdom.

The book has a lot of witty humor, great plot twists, and is just a fun romp. And the title is true.....they are two of the most unlikely heroes. :)

If you enjoyed "Princess Bride,'' then you'll love this story! :)

50 Book Challenge 2007: 32/50


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