Thursday, August 30, 2007

#50 - The Queens Fool by Philippa Gregory

This was not my favorite book by Philippa Gregory.

The basic story line is about Hannah Green, a young Jewish girl, who has had to flee from Spain with her father. They are hiding in England, afraid that they will be revealed as Jews and charged as heretics. Hannah has the "gift of sight'' and gets glimpses into the future, which gets her noticed by the Tudor Court.

Robert Dudley "adopts'' the girl, and brings young Hannah to the Tudor Court to be Queen Mary's "holy fool.' Hannah continues the position into the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

The storyline for me seemed contrived, and just not as good as other novels by Gregory that I have read. Hannah Green is not an actual person, but a character that Gregory made up.

For me, this book was just ok. It just didn't have the flair of "The Other Boleyn Girl'' or "The Virgin's Lover.''

50 Book Challenge 2007: 30/50


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