Thursday, July 03, 2008

#99 - Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Imagine the days when the Circus came into town with a big parade and everyone gathered to watch the elephants put up the big tent. This book really gives the reader the feel of the old-time circus. The good feelings -- kids having fun, popcorn, and the excitement of the performances....and the bad side....neglected or mistreated animals, roughnecks, thieves, and the challenges and danger of being a performer.

Gruen's writing pulls you into the circus world and the life of the main character, Jacob Jankowski. Jacob joins the circus after having to leave college without completing his veterinary degree. He's put in charge of the circus menagerie and finds it challenging, especially one elephant named Rosie who just resists being trained to perform.

Most of the time I find myself disappointed when I read a book that came out with as much hype as this one. But, I found myself pleasantly surprised.

Let yourself escape to the Big Top -- read this book!!

Gruen has also written another book about relationships with animals called "Riding Lessons and Flying Changes.''


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I thought it was very good as well.

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