Thursday, July 03, 2008

#83 - #90 - Temperance Brennan Series 1-8 by Kathy Reichs

Can you tell that I really like this series of books?? :)
Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist who works in Charlotte NC and in Ontario Canada. And the main character in her book series (Temperance Brennan) does exactly the same thing! And yes, the television series Bones is an off-shoot of this book series.
I started reading Reichs' books after seeing the television show. But, the character on television and in the books are very different. They share the same name and are both forensic anthropologists, but they have very little else in common.
I like Reichs' writing style, and her plots are quite suspenseful. The science is definitely there as well since Reichs is definitely writing what she knows.
I enjoyed all of these first 8 books in the series. Grave Secrets was probably my least favorite since it had to do with investigating mass graves and genocide. It isn't that it wasn't well-written, it was just a tough subject to read about. Very graphic and disturbing!
There are 3 more books in this series: Break No Bones (9), Bones to Ashes (10) and coming out in August 2008 will be Devil's Bones (11).
This is definitely a great mystery/forensics/crime series!! If you like Bones, you will love this series!


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