Wednesday, November 28, 2007

#76 - Photo Finished by Laura Childs

This is the second book in Laura Childs Scrapbooking cozy series.
Carmela Bertrand is hosting a "Crop til you Drop'' all night scrapbooking session at her store in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The night is cut short when a nearby store owner is discovered dead in the alley behind Bertrand's shop. He's been stabbed by a scissors (kinda melodramatic isn't it?? Carmela has to act fast to find out who the killer is....could it be one of her own customers??
This book was an enjoyable read. It's nice to sip hot tea on a crisp fall evening and read a good cozy mystery. No gore. Nothing too scary. Just a murder with some sort of kitsch thrown in for good measure. :)
I still have a real problem with the way the main character lets her estranged husband's family walk all over her. It's like she has great strength for solving murder cases, but she doesn't have enough backbone to stand up to really mean people??? Doesn't make much sense to me...but other than that I'm enjoying this series.
50 Book Challenge 2007: 56/50 -- Over My Goal!!


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